Overview of Urbanski Insurance
Urbanski Insurance has been an important part of insuring the community of Rochester since 1982. President Stanley Urbanski has been saving people money by closely analyzing every policy he views. By utilizing the 30 companies that Urbanski Insurance represents, Stanley has been able to save money on 95% of the policies he analyzes.

You will work with a kind, knowledgeable staff who not only will be looking to save you money, but also to set the coverages you and your family need.


Welcome North Shore Line Agency!
Stanley Urbanski would like to welcome Joseph A. Pocious Jr. He is an insurance broker with 39 years of helping people with a myriad of problems.  He has conecntrated on the special problems of people from Eastern Europe.


Request a Quote
You can send your information to Urbanski Insurace for a quote, and start saving money right away.  Either download the Request for Quote form and fax (585-338-7492) it to us, or use our online forms to get a quote on home or auto.


We speak Polish, Russian, Ukranian, Spanish, Bosnian, and Mandarin!